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Boho Champagne


Grey Marble Stone


Soft Pink


Black High Gloss

aecore backers portable mini studios aecore backers portable mini studios

aeCore® Backers means taking photos on "Easy Mode"

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Portable Photography Backdrops

aeCore® Backers are the perfect solution for creating a professional-looking small studio setting. With a realistic selection of backdrops, you can capture the perfect light for your products, work, or brand. Experience a more complete environment with aeCore® Backers.

Introducing, aeCore® Backers: the most realistic way to transform any space into the perfect Small Photography Studio. Get the pro lighting-look with professional-quality backdrops - giving you a great place to show off your creation or product. Now you can turn your favorite spot into a full-fledged photo studio!

Ready to become the Picasso of food and product photography? aeCore® Backers Portable Small Studio is your dream come true! With its realistic, highly durable, food-safe material and no-glare, anti-scratch and hyper textured surface, you can take your food and product photography game to the next level without harming the environment. Plus it's waterproof, lightweight, easy to clean and 100% recyclable - say goodbye to those boring sessions. Go ahead, make a mess, and get creative.

Bring your best performance anywhere with aeCore® Backers! Perfect for making sure your product stands out no matter the location, these compact backers will make it easier than ever to set the perfect stage. Go ahead and take your show on the road.

Make sure your products get the perfect picture saying goodbye to dull, outdated backgrounds. Give your food, drinks, cosmetics, jewelry, apparel, or footwear the best with our amazing backdrops, giving the perfect picture every time.

Show off your style with the best and most resistant backdrops. aeCore® Backers means taking photos on "Easy Mode"


Black Super Matte:
One Star of the Show

Glass of water on White Super Matte backer with blue filter

Can you believe this is our White Super Matte Backer? Take your shots to a whole new level with this always ready-to-go Backer.

Whether you apply a blue filter, like this shot or use your camera tools to create different hues, you’ll be amazed at the creative possibilities this backer offers! Believe it or not, the fun starts now!

Check out our Solid Colors collection!



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I love photography and flat lay is my specialty when it comes to my baked goods. I was looking for something food safe when I came across aecorebackers and not only was I excited about it being food safe but they have literally so many cool textures and patterns to choose from. I bought just one to see if I liked it - and boy do I love it. It came super fast. I loved that it was made in America and the way it was packaged kept it super safe in transit. It's sturdy. Rigid. Won't dent easily and is going to be a huge part of my photography from here on out. Highly recommend

Corrie Miracle
Owner of Mixing Bowl Cookie Company

Love love love aeCore Backers! I bought two of their backers - Polar White and Matte Black- during Sugar Cookie Marketing's Vendor Blender last November and use them constantly. Since they're food-safe (and super easy to clean!) I can place cookies directly on them or use them as a background to layer prop dishes on top. I have the 24 X 24"sizes, but I'm thinking about getting the longer size as a backdrop for my tall cakes. Overall, I can't recommend them enough

Francesca Villalva
Owner of Sweet Pia

"AECOREBACKERS has upleveled my photography game! These slabs are lightweight, which I love most, because I travel for work making it easy to carry to and from places. Each one is the perfect size, a simple wipe down to clean, and I can even manipulate the colors so it's almost like I have 3 backgrounds all in 1 background! I save SO much time! I will be swapping out each of my current backgrounds with AECOREBACKERS! A winning purchase, guaranteed!"

Stacey Zollars
Owner of Sugar Face Bakes

"Once again you guys have amazed me! Customer Service is top notch !! I am so excited to continue to add quality backers to my inventory (Matte Pink shipped out today) in the future. You have a customer for life!"

Cindy Hunter

When I first found out about the aecorebackers backdrops I was so excited to find such great colors and designs. The size of the backdrop is perfect for my food styling photos and I love how effortlessly they are to clean up. I mean, even honey is so easy to just wipe off of it and the backdrop keeps its quality! If you’re in need of a backdrop that is light, easy to move around, quick to clean up, and add something extra special to your photos; these are the ones you want and need!

Jess Cinnamon

As an artist I am constantly looking for backgrounds that enhance my work. I found this amazing product, that truly simplified how to photographed the work. I have purchased Black Super Matte and Bronze Mirror for the first time. And now I’m so happy working with Black & White Hight Gloss.

Alejandra Advent
Owner of Klubo by Ale

I’m a huge fan of aeCore@ Backers Backdrops. I have found them to be exceptional quality. I also find aeCore@ Backers to be the perfect backdrop for cocktail and food photography. I love working with aeCore@ Backers and I’m always happy with aesthetic! I just simply cannot recommend aeCore@Backers Backdrop’s enough. Salud! Rhonda Withers

Rhonda Withers
Owner and Director of The Margarita Mum
Natural light set photo Natural light set photo

Take the party anywhere with our ultra-durable, lightweight, food-safe backers. Waterproof and resistant, you can install them in a jiffy and without worry. Ready, set, let the party begin.