Banana Ice Cream


Banana Ice Cream Backdrop is a bright shade of greenish-yellow also regarded as a tint of off-white. Banana takes its name from the fruit of the Banana plant, and has come to mean plain, unexciting, and conventional in modern speech.

Banana Ice-Cream is a warm and inviting pale yellow color with hints of green undertones, perfect for creating a bright and airy atmosphere on every photo. This color pairs beautifully with complementary colors like Soft Grays, Pale Blues, and Light Greens, making it ideal for a touch of warmth and light in your photoshoots.

This super matte Banana Ice-Cream will make you anything but banana. With a vibrant greenish-yellow tint, it's anything but plain! Inspired by the banana color, this unconventional and exciting shade will bring a whole new level of vibrancy to your look.

Say goodbye to conventional shades and embrace the quirkiness of Banana Ice Cream Super Matte Backdrop.

Banana Ice-Cream Backdrop is super silky touch and wax like feel backer. This new collection is anti-fingerprint. No more fingerprint on you surface for improved your aesthetic photos.

This backdrop has a high scratch resistance enhancing even more it's durability benefits.

It is ideal for food, apparels, products and jewelry photos. Perfect environment for any photo shooting.

aeCore® Backers is waterproof and Food-Safe. Food that has been directly in contact with aeCore® Backers can be eaten.


Size : 23 X 23"
$77.00 USD
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