Apricot Super Matte


Experience Apricot Super Matte, a warm and inviting hue that adds a soft and elegant touch to your photos.

With peach undertones, it brings both liveliness and energy to any scene. Pair it with cool blues and greens for a refreshing pop, or mix in earthy browns and neutrals for a natural and organic vibe.

For a touch of sophistication and timelessness, try combining it with deep browns, blues, and grays. This Super Matte Apricot Backer has a silky smooth texture and a wax-like finish.

This collection is also anti-fingerprint. No more fingerprints on your surface for improved your aesthetic photos. This backer has a high scratch resistance enhancing even more its durability benefits.

It is ideal for food, apparels, products and jewelry photos. Perfect environment for any photo shooting.

aeCore® Backers is waterproof and Food-Safe. Food that has been directly in contact with aeCore® Backers can be eaten.

Size : 23 X 23
$77.00 USD
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