How to Know When a Photography Backer is Right for You

How to Know When a Photography Backer is Right for You

How to Know When a Photography Backer is Right for You

Starting a new product-based business means you have a lot to think about. From what you’re going to create and sell to exactly how you will showcase your new product, there are a lot of moving parts and not always a lot of budget.

So, how do you decide when is the right time to invest in a photography backer for your business and ditch the DIY? Let’s talk about it!

Investing in Quality Over the Long Term

The most significant time we see people turning to a more professional backer is when they need consistency. Consistency in their photography. Consistency in their time. Consistency in their marketing. Consistency is something that our backers truly provide day in and day out.

There are a lot of DIY backer ideas out there that are awesome for someone just starting out in their industry, but oftentimes those DIY backdrops don’t last long term. Don’t get us wrong though, we love them and those DIY starters are the perfect springboard to allow you to save up enough for an aeCore® Backdrop in the future, but let’s do a comparison so you can think about your budget and business and if a backer is right for you.

Long-Lasting Material: 

aeCore® Backers are built rigid meaning that they are sturdy enough to last a lot longer than their paper counterparts. The rigidity allows you to move and store your backers for long-term use vs paper or rollup backdrops that can get bent or crinkled.

Waterproof Backdrops: 

aeCore® Backers are all water-proof so no matter what the spill, drip or drop- you will be able to wipe it down and have it ready for another photo sesh. Paper and other backdrops can get stained, torn or wrinkled when water hits them.

Matte for Lighting Control: 

The biggest thing in photography is avoiding that annoying glare and our backers are built for just that. Sometimes the DIY-made backdrops are so reflective because of the type of coting put on the top of them.

Food-Safe for Baking Photography: 

If you are cooking and baking, food safety is huge. Most papers and DIY backdrops are not considered food-safe, but we have designed ours to be one of the few food-safe backdrops out there on the market.

Scratch-Resistant for Durability with Props: 

Nothing is more annoying than having to edit out a scratch from months ago on every single photo. Our backers are scratch-resistant and can withstand dragging plates and props across them to get that perfect shot. Rollup backdrops can easily get scratched and now you have to waste that extra time every shot to edit it out.

Easy-to-Clean for Liquid-Based Products: 

Talking about consistency, our backers are easy to clean so you can get that standard look across all your product photos. Paper? Not a chance. That medium loves to suck up dirt and oils and you can’t replicate that look without heavy editing or even repurchasing.

No matter where you are at in your business, know that we are always here to help you in your photography journey. We can’t wait for the time to come when we can help you choose your next backer!

You can view our line of user-friendly backers at!

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