The delightful story of two friends meeting in 1988 and rediscovering each other decades later! Taking our friendship to the next level, experimenting the unique bond of working in the same department and rocking the same continent - it's sure that would bring us closer than ever before.

We all have that one person who always manages to recognize us, no matter how much time has passed, or how much we've changed. Years later we recognized each other immediately. The epic meetup that started it all in '13, this time in Florida, with no Florida sand included.

This one-of-a-kind feeling helped us to feel like we never skipped a beat. Soon we were together again in no time. We were able to mend and renew the bond that had been absent from our lives for a lengthy period, getting our friendships back on track and feeling warm and cozy again. Now that's what we call nostalgia fuel!

In 2015, we went ahead and began working together in a new project that would require all of our strength, intelligence and determination to push forward. This project would be known as aeCore®.

Our decision in 2017 was a big step - it's like we were combining two minds to create one awesome brainsplosion! Was the year of togetherness, 'cause there's no telling what life has in store when you unite in both a professional and personal setting , to combine our creativity, knowledge and love into one harmonious package.

With the madness of 2020 ringing in fresh modifications, being filled with hectic changes and reflections, we began developing a new idea, our new project, a new challenge. Our new project was designed to make you see the world from a new creative and inspiring angle. This is how the project dubbed “aeCore® Backers” was born. A new way to see through camera lens.