We met early on, back when we were much younger, back in 1988. We both worked in the same company and department back in South America. It wasn’t long before we became close friends. However, over time, as we grew into our adult lives, we took different paths in life. But as they say, all paths lead to Roma, as we, without realizing it, took very similar paths in our career, just in different countries. One would work with the machinery and the other directly with the material.

In an afternoon back in 2013, we met once again, this time in Florida. We had gone to the car dealers for service for each of our cars. We recognized each other immediately, even with all the time that had passed and all the changes we’d been through. We were able to reconnected and reform the friendship that had been left out of our lives for so long.

In 2015, we went ahead and began working together in a new project that would require all of our strength, intelligence and determination to push forward. This project would be known as aeCore®. 

However, life would have more in store for us than we originally planned. In 2017, we made the decision to not only unite in a professional setting, combining our knowledge and intellect, but also uniting in our personal lives.

With 2020 being filled with hectic changes and reflections, we began developing a new idea, our new project, a new challenge. This is how the project dubbed “aeCore® Backers” was born. A new way to see through camera lens.