• Distressed-Concrete-Backdrop
  • Distressed-Concrete-Backdrop
  • Distressed-Concrete-backdrop

Distressed Concrete


With its textured design and look of concrete, the Distressed Concrete Backdrop shows a raw and exposed look befitting the current trends. With its simple look and design, plenty of photographers and bloggers use Distressed Concrete Backdrop for their project. It's light grey and oxide color scheme matches well with most color combinations and blends well into natural backgrounds.

Our Distressed Concrete Background has a clean design, perfect for the modern edge your photos need. If you are looking to bring that ultra-fashionable urban-decayed feel into your work, use the Distressed Concrete Backdrop for your photos.  With its simple grey and brown oxide colors, details and texture, it'll transform your photos into something spectacular. 

Not only that, but aeCore® Backers is waterproof and Food-Safe, so food that has been directly in contact with aeCore® Backers can be eaten.



Photo courtesy by: Stacie Zollars

Size : 23 X 23
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