• Grey Marble Stone Backdrop
Grey Marble Stone Backdrop

Grey Marble Stone


Grey Marble Stone Backdrop its beauty evolves into pure refinement of Pietra Grey Marble. Piedra Grey is a light Grey marble with its unique attributes, stands out from the rest with the discernment of its essential essence. 

A compact, uniform surface ensures an endless, enigmatic and alluring prospect in a Zen style.  Here is where austere maxim of less is more comes into its own: this backer is exponentially magnified is the perfect contribution to a minimalist photo shoot. Used as typical kitchen counter top .

This backdrop has a high scratch resistance enhancing even more it’s durability benefits.

It is ideal for food, apparels, products and jewelry photos. Perfect environment for any photo shooting. 

aeCore® Backers is waterproof and Food-Safe. Food that has been directly in contact with aeCore® Backers can be eaten.



 Photo courtesy by: Stacie Zollars

Size : 23 X 23
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