Green Tea Ice Cream


Get ready to relax and unwind with our Green Tea Ice-Cream Backdrop !  With its calming shades of green-grey and cool undertones, it'll transport you to a tranquil garden. Give it a try and let your taste buds take a serene journey.

You can pair it with light pinks or pale blues for a tranquil setting, or mix it rich with warm tones for a more inviting feel. Its green-gray hue with cool undertones evokes a sense of quietness and serenity, making it an ideal choice to pair with vibrant pops of pink or blue for a playful contrast, or warm neutrals and earthy greens for a balanced look.

This Super Matte Green Tea Ice-cream backer is perfect for achieving a peaceful and relaxed vibe. The subtle neutral of Green Tea Ice Cream also goes well with other calming earthy tones like soft blues, lavenders, and neutrals, creating a dreamy and restful atmosphere. For added charm, use a light wooden tray as a prop to showcase your creations.

This Super Matte Green Tea Ice-Cream Backer, is a super silky touch and wax like feel backdrop. This new collection is anti-fingerprint, no more fingerprint on your surface for improved your aesthetic photos.

This backdrop has a high scratch resistance enhancing even more it’s durability benefits.

It is ideal for food, apparels, products and Jewelry photos. Perfect environment for any photo shooting. aeCore® Backers is waterproof and Food-Safe. Food that has been directly in contact with aeCore® Backers can be eaten.

Size : 23 x 23"
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