5 in 1 Light Diffusers


Introducing the aeCore® Backers 5 in 1 Light Diffusers - the perfect solution for lighting up your life and giving your subject the glow of a superstar! Spread light evenly and smoothly with these diffusers – just place it between the light source and your subject and let the magic happen. Shine on! 

These Light Diffuser are your ticket to soft, flattering lighting for any subject! Say goodbye to strong contrast and harsh shadows, and hello to a beautiful, even light spread. Get that perfect lighting style you've always dreamed of! 🤩

Take your photography to the next level with this 32" and 23 X 35 Light Diffusers. It's 5-in-1, as it includes both Collapsible Multi Discs and a Bag for easy storage and transport. Get that perfect lighting shot with the Translucent, Silver, Gold, White, and Black reflectors (AKA bouncing board) - you can finally bid farewell to harsh studio lighting. Let your captivating shots shine!

Our Light Diffuser brings out the best in your lighting! Its foldable design and flexible frame makes it perfect for easy storage, while the premium fabric and high reflexivity quality give your photos a professional touch! Capture the perfect lighting angle with this diffuser - no extra effort required!

Theses Light Diffuser! Round or elongated, no matter your design needs, you'll find this diffuser will add a touch of blissful brightness to your room. Come on, let's get lit!

Style : Round 32"
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