Photography Lights Kit


Light up your world with this Photography Lights Kit!

Our Photography Lights Kit is the perfect tool for your next shoot! With 136 LED lamp beads (yes, beads) to give you soft and even lighting, and a universal gimbal for easy direction adjustment, your photos will come out realer than real. Make sure you've got the right light for any kind of portrait, live show, video, interview, macro shot, or creation - this Photography Lights Kit is your must-have!

With two tripods and two lights, you'll have plenty of bright, illuminating power (not to mention the awesome remote control!). Say cheese—without the hassle of flash photography.


2 RGB LED photography lights.
2 ball head hot shoe.
2 tripods.
2 remote control

Light Effect Switch Mode Method: 

  1. M Mode have 3 light effect modes: a) Warm White Light/ White Light, b) RGB 7 Color Sense, c) Scene Light Effect Mode
  2. M Mode in Warm Light press the + and- buttons to adjust the color temperature (2500-65000K) 
  3. M Mode In RGB Sense Mode, press the + and - buttons to switch RGB Colorful Lights ( Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple)
  4. M Mode in the Light Effect mode, press the + and _ buttons to switch Scene Lighting Effects ( Candlelight, Police Car, Lighting, Fireworks, RGB Cyclic Strobe).


  • Keep this baby away from sweltering heat and moist air - no one likes a soggy photography light!
  • No sweat! It's nothin' out of the ordinary for this product to heat up while you're using it.
  • Steer clear of harsh chemicals to prevent any hurt.
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