Wrinkled Tea Towel


This Wrinkled Tea Towel is just what you need for your photos! Not only does it look cozy and inviting, but it also adds instant volume and texture - so you can shoot with serious style.

Our 100% cotton Wrinkled Tea Towel is the perfect way to ad a touch of volume to your photographs - especially for that perfect Flat Lay. Add an extra pinch of texture to your pictures, without having to worry about ironing or creasing. Just a few wrinkles and you're good to go.

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HOW TO CARE IT Handwashing only, avoid sun fading and fire, drying it vertically (if you need it) and then making it wrinkled by wrapping it in a ball - this towel is sure to add a little wrinkle-y charm to your photo. For a unique look storage it as ball to recreate those fantastic wrinkles every time you need to use it.



Cookie Photo Courtesy by: Jessica Tennille

Color : Ivory
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